5.1 Who can you trust with your hormones and your health?

The experts don't necessarily agree on hormone optimization.

Many physicians believe that the Women's Health Initiative is the "final word" on hormones. These doctors insist that hormones are "not worth the risk" or that hormones should be used at the lowest possible doses for the shortest period of time.

Hundreds of studies conducted after the Women's Health Initiative was published in the early 2000s have shown that optimal levels of all your hormones are the best way to both eliminate menopause symptoms and reduce health risks at the same time.

Healthcare practitioners who have taken the time to dive deep into these studies start to realize that patients live longer, healthier, more active lives when their hormone levels are optimized - brought back to where they were in their 20s or 30s.

Unfortunately, some practitioners push back against this concept.

You'll need to decide who you can trust with your hormones and your health:

  • A practitioner who simply accepts the commonly held belief that "hormones cause cancer" and "hormones are risky"
  • A practitioner who has been through a comprehensive training program and understands how to diagnose hormone deficiency, prescribe the right dose of hormones, and monitor hormone levels safely

To find a specialist near you who knows how to diagnose, prescribe, and monitor hormones, jump to "Step 3: Optimize All Your Hormones To Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease" at the end of the program.