4.3 What's your biggest health risk? (Hint: It's NOT Breast Cancer)

Menopause Comes At Age 51 - So Does Heart Disease

Women may believe that breast cancer is the most serious threat to their health.

There's no question, breast cancer is a major disease. But heart disease kills 10 times as many women as breast cancer does.

The good news is that heart disease can be prevented with hormone optimization.

There are several studies which show that optimizing women's levels of estradiol, especially early in menopause, before blood vessel and heart damage can occur, can prevent heart disease and help women live longer, healthier lives.

For more on optimal hormones and heart risk, watch:

Step 3 Optimize All Your Hormones for Lower Heart Risks

2012 TED Talk on "The Single Biggest Health Threat Women Face" by Noel Merz

Here's a little public service announcement that points out the little known fact that women as young as 50 are suffering heart attacks . . . even though they don't have to.