Simple Hormones for Menopause

Use Online Video To Teach Patients About Optimal Hormones

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Clear & Simple Video Content
Makes Patient Education Easier

Introducing the first and only video-based online patient education service that helps you . . .

. . . reduce the confusion that patients have gotten from "Dr. Google"
. . . boost patient confidence that getting their hormones optimized reduces their risks
. . . provide deeper understanding about the long-term benefits of optimal hormones
. . . boost patient trust in you as their hormone optimization specialist
. . . save time in hormone education - up to 1 hour per patient

Here's how it works . . .

  1. You pay a low subscription fee for patient access
  2. You complete a quick 3-step enrollment process (takes less than 30 seconds)
  3. You give your unique program access link to your patient (at no cost to her)
  4. She watches about an hour of easy-to-understand videos (click here to preview them)
  5. She reports back to you at her next visit (after completing the program)

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Have you had patients come to you saying . . .

“My regular doctor says I shouldn’t even be taking hormones and that you're going to KILL me!"?

Getting pushback from other doctors?

How does it feel when you meet patients for the 1st time and learn that their primary care doctor has been telling them that hormones are dangerous and that they shouldn't take them?

  • Have doctors told your patients estrogen and progesterone cause heart attacks and strokes, even though they can't provide any data that supports what they're saying?
  • Have patients been frightened to death by providers who don't know the truth about hormones?
  • Is uninformed doctors' presumed knowledge about hormones instilling fear in your patients?

The videos in Simple Hormones help your patients trust your expertise and realize that not all providers have the depth of understanding, knowledge, and experience that you have about the benefits and risks of optimal hormones. When patients trust you, you'll get fewer confrontational calls from colleagues who don't understand hormone optimization.

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Have you found yourself re-hashing the Women's Health Initiative study with each new patient because she's afraid of breast cancer?

Reassure fearful patients!

It’s the “pink elephant in the room” - women fear breast cancer more than any other risk.

In your practice, do you . . .
. . . see women who have heard for years that hormones are deadly?
. . . have prospective referrals who never make it to your office because of cancer fears?
. . . tire of talking about how oral estradiol doesn't increase heart attack, stroke, blood clots?

The video content in Simple Hormones is designed to relieve patient fears, assuring them of the safety of optimal hormones. It helps women understand that it's possible to reduce their risks for cancer and that optimal hormones are the first step. Once they relax and realize they have less to fear, patients can embrace hormones to relieve symptoms and keep them healthy.

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Have you tried to get your patients to recognize that menopause is more than just hot flashes?

Optimal hormones reduce long-term risks!

Do patients get that hormones should be taken for life, not just 10 years post-menopause?

Do they recognize all the benefits of hormones, beyond symptom relief?

Is it a struggle to to educate the lay person about the positive long term benefits of BHRT?

After watching the simple, clear videos in Simple Hormones, patients will see how optimal hormones eliminate menopause symptoms AND reduce their risks for osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, dementia, and the #1 killer of women over 50, heart disease. Once patients envision their long-term gains from optimal hormones, they'll be more compliant, working with you instead of against you.

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Have you struggled with the amount of time it takes to educate patients about optimal hormones?

Save time with video-based patient education!

Teaching bioidentical hormone optimization can be rewarding as well as frustrating and time-consuming.

  • Do you have the time to sit with each patient, explaining hormone optimization in detail?
  • Do you ever just get sick & tired of having to say the same thing over & over again?
  • Are you able to share adequate educational information in an office visit?

Your Simple Hormones Provider Subscription gives you back more of your most valuable resource by saving you at least 1 full hour of education time with each new patient. Short videos address patient concerns and can be re-watched, so you don't have to repeat basic hormone information. When patients understand the basics of optimal hormones, you can spend your time addressing their specific questions.

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Have you wanted to provide clear hormone education, without going over the same explanations with each and every new patient?

Simple Hormones helps you provide
concise, understandable patient education content!

Have you had to deal with confusion about “estrogen,” Premarin®, and estradiol?

Do patients grasp “normalversusoptimalhormone levels?

What about progesterone vs. progestin?

The clear and simple videos in Simple Hormones use easy-to-understand language to solve the lack of patient preparation before your patient's 1st visit. The less confused they are, the fewer questions you and your staff will have to answer.

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Providing Patients With Clear & Simple Video Education
Is As Easy as 1-2-3

If you're ready to provide your patients with clear & simple hormone videos offered through Simple Hormones, here's all you need to do:

  1. Choose your pricing option (monthly or yearly) in the box below and subscribe to the provider program
  2. Receive a unique link to your custom Simple Hormones for Menopause landing page to give to your patients
  3. Your patients go to the link, log in, and can start watching the videos right away

It's that easy to get patients on the same page with you about hormones.

Your Simple Hormones link can be given to

  • new patients at their 1st office visit
  • existing patients who need a hormone refresher
  • prospective patients (before their 1st visit) who aren't sure if they're ready to take the plunge

Click the blue button below to subscribe now so your patients can be on the same page with you before their 1st or 2nd appointment.

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What's included in your subscription?

Subscriber Benefit #1 - Patient Access to Online Hormone Course
Subscribers to Simple Hormones Provider Subscription can offer their patients free access to Simple Hormones for Menopause, that's an online course I've created based on questions, fears, confusion, and concerns of over 1400 real women who have responded to my surveys.

Simple Hormones for Menopause features short, easy-to-understand videos centered on Roots, Options, and Risks.(click the image to preview the videos)

Simple Hormones Content Preview

Subscriber Benefit #2 - Step-by-Step Patient Instructions
Because a new patient education tool can be intimidating, I'm providing a unique landing page with step-by-step video instructions, to walk your patients through getting started.

Subscriber Benefit #3 - An Opportunity to Contribute to the Program
Since this program is completely new and unlike anything else, I'm very interested in your feedback. I'll consider any of your suggestions for improvement or modification that will make it better for your patients.

2 Bonuses Available for a Limited Time

Bonuses #1 and #2 - Menopause Blueprints
Printable documents showing 5 common Menopause Miseries and the root problem behind them.

  • print/share to illustrate that "the root cause of menopause is the loss of hormones"
  • blueprints include your unique patient access link for Simple Hormones for Menopause

Win-Win For You and Your Patient
You'll win by being able to provide Simple Hormones for Menopause to your patients with very little time or effort on your part. It takes just a few minutes to set up and almost no time to share your unique patient access link, but it gives you back hours of time that you might spend teaching patients the basics about hormones, at least 1 full hour for each new patient (based on the time it takes to view the content).

This program is available to patients for $47
Your patient wins by receiving a high quality, clear and simple education program that that relieves her fears and clears up her confusion, at no cost to her.

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Steve Goldring, RPh Licensed Pharmacist
Steve Goldring, RPh Licensed Pharmacist

Who Am I?
I'm Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist. I've dedicated my life to helping men and women understand and embrace optimal hormones. I help women feel more confident and comfortable with hormones for symptom relief and optimal health. I help men discover the benefits of optimal testosterone for overall wellness. Over the past few years, I've started partnering with healthcare practitioners in providing easy-to-understand patient education resources like this one. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to helping you optimize your hormones and maximize your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I refer a patient to you, do they also become your patient?
No. I provide this material for information and educational use only. I am not entering into a patient-practitioner relationship with anyone who enrolls in my programs. If you refer someone to enroll in my courses, I have no idea if they are a patient of yours, are considering becoming a patient, or are simply a friend you've sent my way. I will view any person who enrolls in my courses as a "student." I'll keep their information private, but I won't be in possession of any protected health information under HIPAA.
How should I use the patient access link?
I suggest that you give patients the access link after through email, on paper, or in person. I also suggest that you point out that "This program is available for $47 to the public, but I'm able to offer it at no cost to you." That way the patient recognizes the value of the material as well as the value of the educational service you're providing for them. They'll be more likely to engage with the program and retain the information.
When can patients watch the videos?
Patients get access to the videos immediately after they've enrolled. The viewer decides when to start and when to finish. Patients can watch the videos as many times as they like, on any device, at any location, and at any time, 24/7/365.
Who is this program for?
It's for practitioners who know hormones. Over 100 Worldlink Medical trained providers have “test driven” the program and had overwhelmingly positive feedback. It addresses several concerns you mentioned in response to a recent survey. It’s designed to reflect the hormone optimization point of view taught at Worldlink Medical's accredited CME courses.
How do my patients get access to the material?
Once your order has been processed (usually within 24-48 hours), I'll send you an email with your unique program link. You provide the link to your patient. The link leads them to a landing page that's specific for your subscription. Step-by-step video and written instructions show your patient how to enroll and start watching the video material.