5 Minute Action Steps


Provided by Cheryl Winter, DCN, FNP-BC/APRN, RDN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5 Minute Action Steps to a HEALTHY BRAIN?
5 Minute Action Steps to a HEALTHY BRAIN is an online education program with easy-to-view videos that help you understand your risks for Alzheimer's Disease. Beyond understanding your risks, this program provides you with action steps in 12 crucial areas known to have an impact on your likelihood to get dementia. The videos use non-medical language (no jargon), you don't need any medical or science background to understand them. You can view the videos on any device at any time. This program includes a lot of information, broken down into 5-minute, bite-sized pieces. More importantly, it's designed to help you take action toward protecting your brain for the long-term.
How do I get started in the course?
All you need to do to start watching the 5 Minute Action Steps video lessons is enroll in the program. It takes about 30 seconds. 1. Click the "Get Started" button 2. Enter your first name and email address 3. Choose a password 4. Click the 2 checkboxes to receive email notifications and to agree to the terms of use 5. Click the "Sign Up" button That's it! You'll be immediately directed to the program where you can click on the first video and start watching.
I'm having trouble logging in . . .
If you have any issues getting into the program, send me an email [email protected] I'd love to get it sorted out for you as soon as possible.
When can I watch the videos?
You'll get access to the videos immediately after you enroll. Simple Hormones is self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish. You can watch the videos as many times as you like.
Can I watch the videos on my phone or tablet?
Yes. You can view the material on any device at any time. The program is designed to work with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
I have a specific question about my hormones or my Alzheimer's risk, can I get answers from you?
Your healthcare provider has partnered with me in providing this educational material for you at no charge. I'm not able to enter into a patient-provider relationship and won't be able to answer your personal health-related questions. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the program or help with any issues you come across. Please direct any patient-specific health questions directly to your provider's office.

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Provided by Cheryl Winter, DCN, FNP-BC/APRN, RDN